Other Sized Process & Temperature Controllers

Do you have a controller requirement that is an unusual size?

We have a collection of non conventional sized temperature controllers that might be exactly what you're looking for.

Here at CD Automation we offer a range of different sized controllers, so that we can try and provide you with a solution no matter what your requirement is.
This collection includes dual and single LED displays, with sizes including 32 x 74mm and 72 x 72mm.

If you can't find what your looking for and need some help, then please send us your requirements to sales@cdautomation.co.uk and we will find the most suitable product for your needs.

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Temperature Controller - ATR121

Heat/Cool temperature controller, 32x74mm fascia & just 58mm deep, 3 digit display.

Temperature Controller - ATR142

Dual display, Heat/Cool temperature controller, 32x74mm front fascia & just 58mm deep.

Temperature Setpoint Profile Controller - ATR620


Multifunction programmer/ step controller size 72x72mm. The ATR620 has been specifically developed as a control system for glass, ceramics, heat treatments kilns and furnaces.


Single-loop Temperature Controller - DRR245


The advanced DRR245 process controller is specifically designed for industrial control panels where the controller/indicator has to be mounted on a DIN rail.


Temperature Controller - FY700

Process and Temperature Controller that offers excellent value for money.

Multi-loop Modular Control & Power System - CD-NEXT


Control and power in one integrated solution. Includes controller, SCR for heating & SCR for cooling in a complete modular package. Save space, wiring, time & money with CD-NEXT.